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MRI targeted prostate biopsy: state of the art imaging for the diagnosis of prostate cancer

A 44-year-old healthy man was referred for assessment of high PSA levels by his GP. He had no significant medical/family history and his examination was unremarkable. His PSA was 3.5 ng/ml being 3 ng/ml six months earlier.

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Is digital rectal examination (DRE) still considered necessary when screening for prostate cancer?

A 50-year-old healthy farmer was seen for his annual medical by his GP. His family history was significant for breast cancer in his sister. After discussion about risks and benefits of prostate cancer screening he had a digital rectal examination (DRE) which revealed a small firm nodule.

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What is laparoscopic robotic partial nephrectomy and when should it be considered?

With an increase in use of cross sectional imaging small incidentally detected renal tumors are a common scenario in general practice. In a patient without multiple co-morbidities surgical treatment of the tumour offers definitive curative treatment.

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